"Dr. Quinn and her staff addressed all of my problems in a friendly and professional way.  She made me feel healthy again!"

"Very good experience so far.  Appreciate the warmth, professionalism and efficacy of each and every staff member I have worked with."

"Everyone at The Healthy Vein shows compassion and really cares about the patient.  Wonderful experience so far with my three visits.  Spreading the word to others.  It's a 10 out of 10!"

"Dr. Quinn and her entire staff are very caring and compassionate people.  I thank you SO much for easing my anxieties today."

"Everyone is so pleasant and knowledgable.  All of my questions have been answered and procedures have been explained completely.  I am very impressed with Dr. Quinn and her staff."

"Very friendly and well informed.  Spent good quality time explaining things and making me feel comfortable."

"You all are very nice and patient.  I would tell my friends and family to go to you!"

"Excellent staff, expertise, expedited care and Dr. Quinn is very experienced in her field.  Very happy with my procedure and experience."

"Very friendly staff and made things easier for me with the health insurance."

"Dr Theresa Quinn and her staff are amazing! After I had three children, I noticed that veins were more noticeable in my legs. My gynecologist also reminded me to have my legs looked at during my yearly check-ups. I put i toff saying that I wanted to lose weight first and hoped that the veins would disappear from this step. Well, I started an exercise and healthy eating plan that let me shed the weight, but my veins looked even worse and were starting to really bother meat night - pain and throbbing. I was very scared! My mother had horrible looking varicose veins and I didn't want that to happen to me. In April, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Theresa Quinn, whom my doctor had strongly recommended. Everyone I came in contact with at The Healthy Vein's office was caring and aware of my every need. Each step of the way, I was fully informed of all procedures, after effects, as well as efficient communication with my insurance company. there were no "surprises". Everything was taken care of for me so I could concentrate on getting better feeling and looking legs. Each staff member was so considerate of my comfort that I felt as if I was in a "spa" rather than having procedures done to my legs. As I look at my legs now, I have a rush of emotions. My daughters look at my legs and mention how good they look. I can now wear skirts, dresses, and shorts with confidence. At night, I no longer have throbbing or pain. Dr Theresa Quinn has changed my life. I love my "new" legs and am so grateful for all she has done for me to get to this point. I am so glad that I made this commitment and am so pleased with the results!"

“My legs have never felt or looked better” 

“Dr. Quinn and her staff made the experience easy and I am pleased with my treatments” 

“I can sleep at night! My restless legs gone”


Three Generations of Care

Mom came in first, then her mom, and then her granddaughter.  Everyone was so delighted with her care... The whole family ended up coming here and getting more functional.  This is a common occurrence at our practice. Word of mouth referrals are the biggest complement and vote of trust.

Back Running

I am back running and active again.  I finally have the energy after work to actually go out and be athletic.   My legs no longer ache.

Young sportsman warming up before workout in park

A smarter way to do things

We take care of people the way we want to be treated.  

You can trust a practice that wants to earn your trust.  

One person.... and one leg at a time!