The Healthy Vein vein treatment philosophy is to provide the highest quality medical care using a personal touch in a comfortable environment.  We offer the most advanced vein treatment technology and techniques available.   You are treated the way we want to be treated.  No more or less than what you need.   Genetics, prolonged standing and other risk factors for vein disease do not go away after a treatment for varicose veins or spider veins.  This is why leg problems from venous insufficiency are often long-term.  Our vein treatment philosophy offers patients the best comprehensive venous insufficiency evaluations and solutions.  We do this via:

  • Thoughtful explanations
  • Personalized caring consultations
  • Lower cost compression stockings
  • Thorough ultrasound mapping of your veins
  • State of the art venous insufficiency treatments
  • A beautiful office setting where you will not be charged a costly facility fee.

We strive to offer the best possible outcome every time.

We recognize that you want an economical solution for your medical problems, but not a low quality experience or solution.

Our staff offers integrity, caring communication, high caliber treatments and kindness…  Exceptional care.

We will answer your questions, educate and work to meet your needs.  We listen.  We educate.  Call us today for a free vein screen that includes a focused ultrasound and a gentle touch.